Rimbal launches automated investment service Gear Invest in Australia

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Rimbal has launched the Gear Invest wealth management platform in Australia. The Gear Invest platform is an automated investment service that aims to empower users to feel confident managing their finances.

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Investment advice has historically been provided through financial advisors that can be expensive ($$$), time consuming (i.e. meetings) and inaccessible for many people (without substantial net worth).

‘83% of young Australians don’t feel confident managing their finances.’

The Gear Invest platform aims to empower users to achieve their financial goals through a simple, user-friendly, transparent, and cost-effective solution.

How it Works

The Gear Invest platform enables private investors to build a tailored investment strategy, make investments and manage their portfolio through a simple online-interface (for any level of investment).

Gear Invest actively manages the portfolio and asset allocation of its users through an active investment approach and a team of investment professionals. Users have access to full portfolio reporting (available 24/7) to monitor their portfolio performance.

  • (1) Financial goals

    Users input their financial goals, investable resources and risk appetite to get started.

  • (2) Investment strategy

    Gear Invest designs a tailored strategy to achieve their goals using a combination of asset classes.

  • (3) Asset allocation

    Gear Invest selects from a large range of investment products to achieve the portfolio.

  • (4) Portfolio management

    Active management with ongoing market research and analysis to balance and optimise portfolios for market conditions.

The Gear platform is designed to optimise the overall investment experience through streamlining the on-boarding (i.e. to make as friction-less as possible), profiling and portfolio allocation process. The interface is simple, clear and optimised for desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone use.

"We are excited to be launching Gear Invest in Australia in-conjunction with a proven suite of investment and wealth management platforms,” Angus MacNee the Managing Director or Rimbal said. “Our strategy is to leverage the best technology and distribution strategies to deliver advice and allocation for a wide variety of clients both on-and-off platform."Angus MacNee MD of Rimbal

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