Rimbal Launches Marketplace Lending Ablrate Australia Website

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Rimbal has launched the Ablrate Australia website to connect lenders with borrowers to make asset-backed transactions happen.  Ablrate was originally launched in the United Kingdom in 2015 by Aviation and Tech Capital Limited where it has seen over AU $30 million in investment and secondary market transactions.

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How it Works

The Ablrate platform is a marketplace lending platform for asset-backed transactions. The platform brings private and institutional lenders high quality, secured lending opportunities from reputable businesses seeking financing for income generating transactions in the aircraft, capital equipment and property sectors.

  • For lenders, Ablrate provides an online marketplace to invest in high-interest asset-backed loans.
  • For business borrowers, Ablrate provides access short-term, bridge or mezzanine financing.

Ablrate Australia provides a marketplace for short-term lending opportunities.

  • Proprietary Loan Pipeline

    Proprietary pipeline of loan requests sourced from intermediaries who are experts in their industry with full due diligence similar to any asset financing transaction.

  • Personal Member Dashboard

    Personal dashboard for borrowers, lenders and underwriters to view loan requests, investments and portfolio performance.

  • Full Secondary Market

    Enables members to buy and sell full or partial loan units.

The benefits for both borrowers and lenders with an online marketplace lending platform is that the process is faster, simpler and more transparent which often reduces the time spent between the loan application, first draw-down and interest payments.
"We are excited to be launching Ablrate in Australia to provide lenders access to high-interest asset-backed lending opportunities and business borrowers access to short-term, bridge or mezzanine financing,” Angus MacNee the Managing Director or Rimbal said. “The Ablrate platform has been very successful in the UK and we feel the market opportunity in Australia is very attractive for the business model."Angus MacNee MD of Rimbal

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