ValidPath ranked one of the top financial advisers in UK

ValidPath was ranked one of the top financial advisers and IFA Networks in the UK by the Financial Times (FTAdviser) for 2018.

ValidPath was awarded 34th place in the ‘Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2018’ by the Financial Times. This award places ValidPath in the top 99.75 percentile of all regulated firms in the UK or 34 out of 13,690 firms and one of the top IFA Networks.

This year’s ranking differs significantly from those produced by FTAdviser in previous years. Rather than being based purely on sales, the list ranked firms by looking at other factors that are key to investors seeking the best person to assist them with their finances.

The ranking considered the growth rate of the business, the number of years of experience in managing assets in different economic and interest-rate environments and how highly qualified its financial advisers are. The ranking was then calculated based on weighted percentages that included Assets Under Management, net flows, client retention and estimated performance.

The outcome of this new methodology is a ‘useful indication of the best investment advice companies assisting clients in the market’ with FTAdviser stating that they believe it is ‘one the most comprehensive rankings of financial advisers currently operating in the UK based on what investors care about’.

The ranking for ValidPath, as one of the top financial advisers and the top independently-owned IFA Network, was a great testament to the network and its members in delivering best-practice financial advice and service to their clients.

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