We enable Independent Financial Advisers to operate and thrive

What We Do

We build, own and operate the essential infrastructure, technology and financial services that support our independent adviser proposition.

Our Adviser Proposition

We operate the FCA-Regulated ValidPath™ IFA Network that has 20 years’ experience supporting independent financial advisers across the UK.

About Us

Our unified technology, data and financial services business enables financial advisers to deliver better outcomes at greater profit with less risk.

Our Insight

The Future is Dynamic

Within the financial advisory industry today, and deeply entrenched within the regulations, is a snapshot approach to data capture (“as is” without metadata) that results in a static model for client suitability and risk assessment.

In contrast, a dynamic approach to data capture and analysis will revolutionise the client experience, transform the industry value-proposition and exceed the requirements of the current regulatory framework governing retail financial services.