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Financial advisory businesses


Financial advisers & support staff


Financial products reconciled p.m


People and retail clients

Truly Independent

Committed to independent financial advice and 100% platform and provider agnostic

Community Focused

A community of financial advisers, mortgage brokers and support personnel

Top 100 Firm

Ranked one of the top IFA networks and financial advisory firms in the UK


A network for independent financial advisory firms

ValidPath is a leading FCA-Regulated IFA network with 20 years’ experience supporting independent financial advisory businesses across the UK. With a financial advisory proposition, culture and community committed to the core values of independent financial advice, ValidPath enables its Appointed Representatives to focus on what they do best; helping clients and building their businesses.

A network with a centralised advice proposition

Preference Financial Services

Preference is an FCA-Regulated Adviser network providing a turn-key solution for low-risk financial advisory businesses across the UK. With a financial advisory proposition that utilises centralised systems, processes and investment solutions, Preference supports new-entry and transactional business models to serve the unaddressed needs of retail clients.


Financial advisory technology

WiSecure is a financial technology company providing software applications to the financial advisory market.

  • LAMP: A platform for managing financial advisory networks
  • PIPE: A commission platform for IFA and mortgage networks
  • TIDI: A commission application for financial advisers

Rimbal Services

Financial services infrastructure and business support (as-a-service) for Directly-Authorised financial advisory firms.

Regulatory guidance and compliance oversight

Commission, remuneration and reporting

Financial advisory technology and software

Financial advice framework and information services

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Rimbal is a financial services and technology group